How to create space for yourself wherever you go

A few weeks ago, while on vacation, I was just hanging out in our hotel room immersed in my little notepad, coloured pens and a book. My partner walked past where I was sitting, smiled at me and said, “you always manage to create a tiny little world for yourself, wherever you go”.

It made me realise how true that was and how much I love making a little haven for myself, both at home, and when I am away.

It also got me thinking about why I do this and what all things I like to include in my space. Lets start with why.


Why do I like creating a space for myself wherever I go?

I have enjoyed spending time on my own for as long as I can remember. I was the kid who never got bored, even during the long summer holidays. So it makes me think that I started creating these spaces intuitively, guided by the introvert in me.  However, over the last few years, I realised that the act of separating myself physically from everyone else for some time, works wonders for me.

  • It helps me relax and unwind – especially after a long day out and about.
  • It lets me collect my thoughts, get into a creative head space and understand what’s truly important to me.
  • It helps me recharge my batteries and get excited for social interactions again.

What makes a good space?

  • The most important ingredient of all for me is my own undivided attention and presence, and the willingness to cut off from the rest of the world (including my phone) for that time, so I can truly sink in to that space.
  • The simple things- a notebook/journal, a few coloured pens, a book, whatever else tickles your fancy.
  • A cosy little space (which in this case happened to be in the corner of our hotel room). Earphones are also great to make any space cosy. 😉

Bite-size tip: I find that the trick is to really tune in to what feels the best for me at the time, and understanding that it might take a couple or more times of trying before finding the best way. What we need from our space could also vary from one day to the next. For example- on some days, my perfect tiny little space is on the couch listening to a podcast/audiobook while playing a game on my phone.

Do you relate? I’d love to know. Or if this inspires you to create a space for yourself, let me know how you go!

Anisha <3

‘Speak Up’- My first experience with performing Spoken Word

The alter at the final performance

For my birthday this year, I gifted myself a spot in Speak Up, a 6 week Spoken Word Poetry course.

The final class was performance night, where each course participant would get up and perform a poem/s of their choice. We could bring along our friends and loved ones that night. I brought along my partner. It was amazing to have him in the audience when I performed, and share this experience with him.

Listening to everyone’s poems was a beautifully rich experience. I could see myself in so many of the poems and performers. There were emotions, wit, humour, sensuality, and lots of honest expression. And I truly enjoyed getting up and being my raw authentic self on stage.

True to the bite-size tradition, this was my poem.

Dear mind,
You are the one
Who keeps me alive
Dear heart,
You are the one
Who makes it all worthwhile
Without either of you
I cannot survive
So can we please
just stop the fight
I don’t wanna fight
I DON’T wanna fight
I don’t wanna fight 🙂
Are you familiar with this fight? If you are, and would like to be part of a group where we talk about all things heart and mind, and living a mindful, meaningful life of vitality- join us in the Bite-Size Vitality Seekers group on Facebook.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Anisha <3


Sunday afternoons

I picked up my journal to write something earlier today, it turned out to be a poem called ‘Sunday afternoons’.
Here it goes.

The good old dread,
my good ol’ friend?
comes visits me Sunday afternoons
whispering in my ear
in its snake like voice.
What it says- “Your weekend is over, hisss.”
What I hear?
“Your life is over, your happy days are over.”

Sometimes it grips me,
And I can’t move
Sitting frozen on the couch
watching Youtube.

Other times I send it love
saying- “Thanks man, but I got this”
and get on with my (Sun)day.

One thing I now know is
it’s not so much the dread
of the coming week, or work
But more so- not spending this precious time
Doing things I wanted to do.

Things that connect me to the part of me
that knows this trickster party pooper mind
too bloody well
and knows how to tame it
so it doesn’t run the show.
Things like writing (this)
Things like cooking, cleaning, organizing
feeling in control?
Things like moving my body
and going for a walk or three
Things that make me feel ready
to start a brand new week.

Don’t you feel this dread too?
A little or a lot, I know that you do. 

Mid-year vitality check-in

And just like that, we are in the second half of 2017.

How has your year been so far? I have had an interesting, eventful and insightful one- with some new beginnings, shedding of some old habits and developing some new ones.

Sick in bed nursing a cold on a chilly Saturday night, thought I’d do a check-in of how the first two quarters of the year have been for me. I’ll do this by looking at what I’ve done well in the last six months, and what I’d like do better/more of in the next six. I am including things that have either had a direct or an indirect impact on my vitality and wellness (because its all connected, right?).


I’ll start off with some highlights/celebrations. In the last six months, I have:

  1. Started a new job.
  2. Adopted a vegetarian way of eating, and have slowly settled into it.
  3. Developed a better sleep routine- and sleep 7-8 hours most nights.
  4. Brewed Kombucha for the first time, and it turned out great.
  5. Joined my first Writer’s group. Mind = Blown.
  6. Baked my first bread and tried going wheat/gluten free.
  7. EPSOM SALTS BATHS. Took more of them in the last six months than I would’ve in the last six years combined!
  8. Rediscovered my love for reading for fun (and not always with an agenda), and developed a habit of reading/journaling before bed.
  9. Spent a decent amount of time out in nature and created some great memories!
  10. Meditated on most days in the last six months.

Next are things that I didn’t do as well, or want to do better in the second half of 2017.

  1. Movement/exercise. Yeah, did not do this a lot. More Barre workouts, yoga and walking/jogging to happen in the second half.
  2. Food– While I generally ate ‘well’ in the last 6 months – I’d like to plan ahead more and get more creative with plant-based foods.
  3. Develop more mental resilience for when I am physically unwell, and be more mindful of my fear of not being at my best sometimes making things seem worse than they are.
  4. Gut health– Along with continuing to drink Kombucha, I am really curious to understand more about how the trillions of micro-organisms in our guts impact our well-being and happiness in such a profound way.

Overall, its been a great six months among the highs and lows with a few big realisations/shifts.

The one area that I feel I really nailed these past six months and will continue to do so (with 50kg of Epsom Salts on their way to me) is ‘Relaxation’. And my biggest focus for the next six months (out of the four above)- is movement/yoga, in a way that works for me and makes me feel vital.

What would you like to focus on in the next half of 2017? Let me know below so I can support you!

Also, don’t forget to celebrate your wins. I’d love to hear what one thing you think you’ve done best in the last six months. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s to a vitality-filled second half of 2017.

Anisha <3

Bite-size lessons from the ducks

A few days ago, I was at the river looking out at the water and observing the ducks. Because #ninjabirdstalker. And they got me thinking, like most things do.

Some of them were in the water, swimming effortlessly. While some others were out on dry land, just chilling. 🦆

This is what I learnt from them.

Bite-size tip #4: (from the ducks)

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, just keep swimming.

Unless you are tired of swimming.

Because if you are tired of swimming, just stop, get out of the water and take a nap.

Life is not just about the hustle. Is it? Our bodies and minds need to rest and recover, and play, and learn, and unlearn, and connect, and so on… You get the idea.

Check in with your yourself. What do you need more of today? Swimming or napping?

I have had too many naps since my sleep-in this morning, so my body is suggesting me to get up, go out for a walk and enjoy the crisp autumn air. So Imma go and do just that. Because life is not just about naps either. Is it?

Happy swimming/napping. Its all a balancing act.

Anisha <3

P.S. Here’s Bite-Size Tip #2 for times that you find yourself taking too many naps and not enough swimming.