Bite-size lessons from the ducks

A few days ago, I was at the river looking out at the water and observing the ducks. Because #ninjabirdstalker. And they got me thinking, like most things do.

Some of them were in the water, swimming effortlessly. While some others were out on dry land, just chilling. 🦆

This is what I learnt from them.

Bite-size tip #4: (from the ducks)

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, just keep swimming.

Unless you are tired of swimming.

Because if you are tired of swimming, just stop, get out of the water and take a nap.

Life is not just about the hustle. Is it? Our bodies and minds need to rest and recover, and play, and learn, and unlearn, and connect, and so on… You get the idea.

Check in with your yourself. What do you need more of today? Swimming or napping?

I have had too many naps since my sleep-in this morning, so my body is suggesting me to get up, go out for a walk and enjoy the crisp autumn air. So Imma go and do just that. Because life is not just about naps either. Is it?

Happy swimming/napping. Its all a balancing act.

Anisha <3

P.S. Here’s Bite-Size Tip #2 for times that you find yourself taking too many naps and not enough swimming.





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