Mid-year vitality check-in

And just like that, we are in the second half of 2017.

How has your year been so far? I have had an interesting, eventful and insightful one- with some new beginnings, shedding of some old habits and developing some new ones.

Sick in bed nursing a cold on a chilly Saturday night, thought I’d do a check-in of how the first two quarters of the year have been for me. I’ll do this by looking at what I’ve done well in the last six months, and what I’d like do better/more of in the next six. I am including things that have either had a direct or an indirect impact on my vitality and wellness (because its all connected, right?).


I’ll start off with some highlights/celebrations. In the last six months, I have:

  1. Started a new job.
  2. Adopted a vegetarian way of eating, and have slowly settled into it.
  3. Developed a better sleep routine- and sleep 7-8 hours most nights.
  4. Brewed Kombucha for the first time, and it turned out great.
  5. Joined my first Writer’s group. Mind = Blown.
  6. Baked my first bread and tried going wheat/gluten free.
  7. EPSOM SALTS BATHS. Took more of them in the last six months than I would’ve in the last six years combined!
  8. Rediscovered my love for reading for fun (and not always with an agenda), and developed a habit of reading/journaling before bed.
  9. Spent a decent amount of time out in nature and created some great memories!
  10. Meditated on most days in the last six months.

Next are things that I didn’t do as well, or want to do better in the second half of 2017.

  1. Movement/exercise. Yeah, did not do this a lot. More Barre workouts, yoga and walking/jogging to happen in the second half.
  2. Food– While I generally ate ‘well’ in the last 6 months – I’d like to plan ahead more and get more creative with plant-based foods.
  3. Develop more mental resilience for when I am physically unwell, and be more mindful of my fear of not being at my best sometimes making things seem worse than they are.
  4. Gut health– Along with continuing to drink Kombucha, I am really curious to understand more about how the trillions of micro-organisms in our guts impact our well-being and happiness in such a profound way.

Overall, its been a great six months among the highs and lows with a few big realisations/shifts.

The one area that I feel I really nailed these past six months and will continue to do so (with 50kg of Epsom Salts on their way to me) is ‘Relaxation’. And my biggest focus for the next six months (out of the four above)- is movement/yoga, in a way that works for me and makes me feel vital.

What would you like to focus on in the next half of 2017? Let me know below so I can support you!

Also, don’t forget to celebrate your wins. I’d love to hear what one thing you think you’ve done best in the last six months. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s to a vitality-filled second half of 2017.

Anisha <3

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