Is Perfectionism killing your Passion?

jumping Anisha

I have wanted to create a blog for longer than I care to remember. And create I did. It was around 8 years ago, when I felt compelled to document and share my side of the story of being stranded in Thailand for 7 days in the middle of a political crisis.

Long story short, I had a two hour layover in Thailand on my way to Delhi from Melbourne. I wrote about how those two hours turned into 7 days due to rioting protesters at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

I distinctly remember how natural it felt to create a blog on Blogspot, and to publish a couple of posts to narrate my experience in detail. I also remember how happy and content I felt after engaging with the people who had read these posts. Soon after that- university, procrastination and life happened, and I conveniently forgot about my blog. However, the thought of creating one kept popping up in my head from time to time, over the next few years.

Then, a year or so ago, I decided to entertain this thought and pursue my passion again. But this time around, I found the experience to be quite different. I wanted it to be perfect. This led to a lot of over-analysis, and eventually procrastination. Before I realised, a year had gone by.

I am now done with wanting it to be perfect. So, as I turn 30 this week, I am giving myself the gift of this blog- to play, learn, create and explore things along the way.

Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does, will be the best adventure ever.

– Author Unknown

Is perfectionism stopping you from pursuing your passion? Or have you tamed this deadly beast?

Share your insights below.

Anisha <3

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8 Responses

  1. Sonam nanda says:

    Taming the perfectionism is a art which can be dealt with patience, confidence, and yes offcourse your strong n never give up attitude…n being a conventie or theresian gives that attitude

  2. Curly grace says:

    Yes…it can kill you…learning to live with the imperfections has been one of the biggest discoveries of late…better than pokemon go

  3. Milena says:

    I love it. I know exactly what you’re talking about too. Happens to me every time. I’m glad you found the motivation and the right mindset to do it. Well done!

  4. Preeti Deva says:

    I so truly agree to you and can relate to your feelings Anisha. I have been doing this for so long that I don’t remember.
    But after reading your blog, It’s time for me to rethink again and not over think.
    Thanks for sharing this experience and your learning Anisha. TC
    Preeti ☺

  5. Deepika Sharma says:

    Hi Anisha,
    Nice blog..!! Well done on your first one. 😊
    I dont think that “being perfect” at everything stops me from pursuing my passion/s, its more of a lack of one real passion for me. 🙃
    It may sound funny to you but I dont really know what it is that I am most passionate about. There were things that I really wanted to do and have done and there will be more things for me to do as I move through the human life cycle. I guess I am one of those over-complicated or simple human beings who is content with what they’ve or just too stubborn to admit the real fear. 😋
    Waiting for your next blog.

  6. Kath says:

    So true Anisha! I too wanted a blog for years and just started one recently. Now I hit “publish” even if I know it could be better as my new motto is “done trumps perfect”.

  7. Caitlin says:

    Hello lovely,

    I cannot wait to read more and learn about your experiences with perfectionism, something i struggle with everyday

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