‘Speak Up’- My first experience with performing Spoken Word

The alter at the final performance

For my birthday this year, I gifted myself a spot in Speak Up, a 6 week Spoken Word Poetry course.

The final class was performance night, where each course participant would get up and perform a poem/s of their choice. We could bring along our friends and loved ones that night. I brought along my partner. It was amazing to have him in the audience when I performed, and share this experience with him.

Listening to everyone’s poems was a beautifully rich experience. I could see myself in so many of the poems and performers. There were emotions, wit, humour, sensuality, and lots of honest expression. And I truly enjoyed getting up and being my raw authentic self on stage.

True to the bite-size tradition, this was my poem.

Dear mind,
You are the one
Who keeps me alive
Dear heart,
You are the one
Who makes it all worthwhile
Without either of you
I cannot survive
So can we please
just stop the fight
I don’t wanna fight
I DON’T wanna fight
I don’t wanna fight 🙂
Are you familiar with this fight? If you are, and would like to be part of a group where we talk about all things heart and mind, and living a mindful, meaningful life of vitality- join us in the Bite-Size Vitality Seekers group on Facebook.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Anisha <3


Sunday afternoons

I picked up my journal to write something earlier today, it turned out to be a poem called ‘Sunday afternoons’.
Here it goes.

The good old dread,
my good ol’ friend?
comes visits me Sunday afternoons
whispering in my ear
in its snake like voice.
What it says- “Your weekend is over, hisss.”
What I hear?
“Your life is over, your happy days are over.”

Sometimes it grips me,
And I can’t move
Sitting frozen on the couch
watching Youtube.

Other times I send it love
saying- “Thanks man, but I got this”
and get on with my (Sun)day.

One thing I now know is
it’s not so much the dread
of the coming week, or work
But more so- not spending this precious time
Doing things I wanted to do.

Things that connect me to the part of me
that knows this trickster party pooper mind
too bloody well
and knows how to tame it
so it doesn’t run the show.
Things like writing (this)
Things like cooking, cleaning, organizing
feeling in control?
Things like moving my body
and going for a walk or three
Things that make me feel ready
to start a brand new week.

Don’t you feel this dread too?
A little or a lot, I know that you do.